How Much Does It Cost To Enter Hagia Sophia?

Are museums open in Istanbul?

Istanbul Archaeology Museums Open every day except Mondays between 09:00-20:00 (from 01 April to 01 October), 09:00-18:00 (from 01 October to 01 April)..

How much does Bosphorus cruise cost?

Bosphorus ToursTOURPRICE (TL)FULL BOSPHORUS TOUR (Double Way)25,00FULL BOSPHORUS TOUR (One Way)15,00FULL BOSPHORUS TOUR (children under 12 y)(Double Way)12,50FULL BOSPHORUS TOUR(children under 12 y)(One Way)6,004 more rows

Is Galata Tower free?

The entrance fee for Galata Tower is 35 Turkish Liras as of 2021. Admission is free for children under 7 years. Istanbul Museum Pass is not valid at the entrance of Galata Tower.

How much time do you need for Hagia Sophia?

In 3 hours you can visit both Agia Sophia (1-2 hours) and the Blue Mosque (15-30 minutes). If you’re quick, you can get a quick glimpse of the bazaar as well, but 3 hours isn’t enough time to visit Topikapi palace.

Is Topkapi Palace free?

Topkapi Palace entrance fee is 100 Turkish Liras as of 2021. You need to pay extra ticket price for sections such as Harem and Hagia Eirene inside the palace. Admission is free for children under 8 years. Istanbul Museum Pass is valid in all parts of Topkapi Palace.

Is Hagia Sophia closed on Mondays?

Hagia Sophia had been closed on Mondays when it was a museum. However, since it was converted into a mosque, there is no longer a closed day. It is open everyday, like other historical monuments such as the Blue Mosque and Suleymaniye Mosque. … During this time, the mosque is cleaned and prepared for Friday prayers.

When was Hagia Sophia turned into a museum?

1934Originally built as a Christian Orthodox church and serving that purpose for centuries, Hagia Sophia was transformed into a mosque by the Ottomans upon their conquest of Constantinople in 1453. In 1934, it was declared a museum by the secularist Turkish leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.

Is Aya Sophia closed?

Hagia Sophia is open for 24 hours and every day of the week. The best time to visit the Hagia Sophia is the morning period from 09:00 to 12:00, which is the quietest slot as it is a mosque and you can find crowds on the prayer times.

Can you go inside the Hagia Sophia?

Visitors are still welcome to Hagia Sophia, which remains the country’s most popular tourist attraction.

How do I get tickets to Hagia Sophia?

You can book your Hagia Sophia guided tour online from an online travel agency such as Viator or GetYourGuide. English tours start from €13 (US$14). It is best to compare prices between several websites before booking as discounts are sometimes available.

Is Topkapi Palace worth visiting?

Visit Topkapi Palace Tips Even if you have only one day in Istanbul it is worth a visit. … Enjoy a guided tour inside the Topkapi Palace and see the four courtyard museum including the Audience Hall, High Court, Historical Kitchens, and The Treasury.

What should I avoid in Istanbul?

10 Things You Should Avoid Doing in IstanbulDon’t stay close to the sights.Don’t take the tram on Istiklal.Don’t shop on Istiklal.Don’t buy apple tea.Don’t buy everything you see in the bazaars.Don’t buy in bazaars without haggling.Don’t be afraid to try street food.Don’t eat close to touristic places.More items…•

How much is Topkapi Palace ticket?

Topkapi Palace at Harem tickets you can buy at the entrance to the palace or online. The Topkapi Palace Museum ticket is 72 TL. The Harem section is not included in this price. If you want to visit the Harem you will have to buy a special ticket which costs 42 TL.

Why is Hagia Sophia closed?

Hagia Sophia floor plan It was damaged in 404 by a fire that erupted during a riot following the second banishment of St. John Chrysostom, then patriarch of Constantinople. It was rebuilt and enlarged by the Roman emperor Constans I. The restored building was rededicated in 415 by Theodosius II.