Where Did Sandro Botticelli Die?

What is Sandro Botticelli known for?

Sandro Botticelli was an Italian painter of the early Renaissance-era.

He contributed to the frescoes in the Sistine Chapel and painted the immortal The Birth of Venus..

Did Sandro Botticelli live with the Medici?

Botticelli’s painting celebrated Cosimo il Vecchio, Piero il Gottoso, Giuliano de’Medici and his brother Lorenzo, all gathered around the Holy Family. … Botticelli made his living, like any other artist, painting religious scenes, although his interest was far removed from Jesus.

Who was Sandro Botticelli influenced by?

Dante AlighieriLorenzo de’ MediciFilippo LippiOvidSandro Botticelli/Influenced by

What did Sandro Botticelli enjoy painting the most?

His master had enjoyed the patronage of some of the leading families in Florence, such as the Medici. Botticelli in turn spent almost all his life working for the Medici family and their circle of friends, for whom he painted some of his most ambitious secular paintings such as ‘Primavera’ (in the Uffizi, Florence).

How did Sandro Botticelli impact the world?

Botticelli was perhaps the greatest humanist painter of the Early Renaissance, yet much of his life and influences remain a mystery to us today. His paintings represent the pinnacle of the cultural flourishing of the Medicis’ Florence, a prosperous society that encouraged the progress of art, philosophy and literature.

When did Sandro Botticelli die?

May 17, 1510Sandro Botticelli/Date of deathSandro Botticelli, original name Alessandro di Mariano Filipepi, (born 1445, Florence [Italy]—died May 17, 1510, Florence), one of the greatest painters of the Florentine Renaissance.

Where was Sandro Botticelli born?

Florence, ItalySandro Botticelli/Place of birth

What language did Botticelli speak?

ItalianAlessandro di Mariano di Vanni Filipepi ( c. 1445 – May 17, 1510), known as Sandro Botticelli (/ˌboʊtiˈtʃɛli/, Italian: [ˈsandro bottiˈtʃɛlli]), was an Italian painter of the Early Renaissance.

Did Botticelli know Leonardo Davinci?

Leonardo and Botticelli met around 1470, they were both pupils of master Verrocchio, a sculptor, painter, goldsmith, mathematician and engineer. They worked with him in his workshop in Florence.